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Plantation Information
Stage 1
Plantation of 25 acres of Lemongrass has been completed in August 2008. Oil distillation unit with parallel boilers of 1000 kgs each and common distiller will be installed by December 2008.

First batch of Oil will be available from January 2009.

Over 1000 Reetha trees planted in periphery areas and distributed in the village.

In addition to our own plantation, grass will be available from another 25 acres plantation done by village coop in the same district.

Total Grass output from 50 acres of land will be processed by our unit and will be available for sale from January 2009.

Stage 2
Herbal Nursery in 5 acres of Land (starting in February 2009)
Planned for February 2009 for in-house consumption and for sale.

Stage 3
Plantation of additional 100 acres of lemongrass planned for May-August 2009.

Additional distillation capacity planned for October 2009.

Tree plantation in periphery areas of the plantations and distribution to the village as social projects in village.